Meditation is how I start every morning. It might not be at the end of a buddy's dock or for very long but just a moment to check it and start my day with calmness, clarity, and intention. Then I am ready for whatever the day may bring.

I won't bore you with the many benefits that Meditation can offer, you can google that yourself. We have all heard them and scientific facts have even proven it but why don't we all do it if it is so good for us?

Meditation can be frustrating if you approach it with an impatient mind. When you start any new activity you want immediate benefit, right? I get it! For example dieting, I've been good all week why did I not lose 5 lbs? Or if you’ve never run one mile before, you’re going to struggle the first time you try. You’re going to have to stop and catch your breath a lot and you’re not going to want to come back. But if you try Meditation for 8 weeks, it's going to get easier! You have to trust the process of meditation and you have to patient with it. Jack Kornfield(Buddhist practitioner) says "you treat your practice like a puppy. If the puppy wanders off no need to scold the puppy, just gently guide it back and continue." When thoughts start to come up(and they will), let them go as quickly as possible.

Jen will not be teaching you anything! You already know how to do this, we just have a lot of 'stuff' in the way to get back home, to yourself.

The ride home is so sweet!

Let Jen be your guide and anchor to this truely amazing connection back to yourself.

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