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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Over ten years ago I was carpooling to work one morning and was nearly hit by an extended dump truck.  If that truck had hit the passenger door where my friend was sitting, chatting away as we always did on our commute to work together, she would have died! No question!

That truck sped through that red light and missed us by inches and I felt the car move as it went by.  As I sat in the middle of the intersection looking up at the green light and wondered if I did something wrong?  No one else was around as I sat for a few more seconds I watched the truck brake and pull over.  I sat for a few more seconds and slowly moved my small compact car out of the intersection and pull over.  My friend and I immediately embraced and cried.  Pretty shook up we continued to our workplaces so thankful for our escape.

As I moved through my day replaying what had happened asking myself 'Why did I stop?' 

Slowly the adrenaline started to move out and my body became quieter my question was answered.  

I heard a voice in my left ear that whispered 'Stop.'  I never told anyone but my cousin who was home visiting.  He is also the weirdo in his family too and I knew he would not judge or question my story.  I don't know which angel or spirit it was but something was watching over me that morning.  I thank my angels every day and know I am still part of this wonderful world for a greater purpose.  Well, I've been walking on that purpose path for a while now and I've gotten off track and even got lost a few times.  Now the path is starting to become more narrow and straight as I Have Clarity!  (Angels sing)Lol

Wow!  At 52 I know why I have been placed on this earth and given all these experiences & lessons along the way.  It has not been easy and some of my 'lessons' I would not wish on anyone.  But as they say, the hardest lessons become your greatest and I am thankful for them all!  Some wounds are a little harder to heal than others but as Wayne Dyer says 'I am better than I used to be!' 

Now I am no longer friends with that friend and it breaks my heart every day. We shared over 15 years, a lot of great memories and travels.  Life moves on and so shall we.

Forgive and Forget sometimes take its time.

No life is perfect.  It can be messy, disappointing, confusing but it is so worth the journey of emotions if you are brave we uncover our true selves and watch the person emerge that we were meant to show the world.

Healing myself with spiritual books, meditation, and yoga has inspired me to share my lessons. My hope is someone else can start to shed the weights of life and be your OWN authentic self!

What that means is different for everyone.  No one is like you!  There was never anyone like you and never will be anyone like you, EVER!  Cool right?!  We are all Rock Stars!  Rock stars, Superheroes, Goddesses, YOU!

Enjoy your Journey! 

Namaste - Jennifer Strub

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